Susie Hunt &
Chris Forsey
11th - 18th
18th - 25th


Susie & Chris invite you to join them for a week of painting and creativity on the beautiful Island of ZAKYNTHOS. They are well respected painters and experienced tutors and will guide you through a week of capturing the essence of the Greek Landscape.

They are well practiced in representational and contemporary water based painting media and will help you explore your own personal painting potential.

“We will help you find subjects amongst the small fishing harbours or villages with the aroma of herbs and history, to the monastery amongst the pines and the ancient olive groves.”

Susie & Chris have returned to this favourite and familiar location for twelve years, gaining a depth of knowledge of people & surroundings to share with you.

To enhance your time in Greece our host Stefanos is offering some sessions of tutoring Greek cuisine, so you may add flavour to your creative experience.

For more information, please contact
Susie Hunt 01467 643569
Chris Forsey 07961 847425
Chris Forsey R.I., S.G.F.A. & Susie Hunt M.F.A